Danjugan Island

What once used to be a threatened and overfished area is now a well protected sanctuary with a huge diversity of marine life.

The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation did a formidable job to save  Philippine island

In all the dives around the island it is easy to see several groups of tropical fish, snappers, tunas , barracudas, small sharks, turtles…


North Wall

Sportive and remarkable dive site but often exposed to currents and waves, with good conditions it is a must to dive it. 5 to 35 mtrs. Not for beginners.


The Clams

Well protected dive site with the best coral garden in the area, for all divers in all conditions. 5 to 30 mtrs.


Orient Express

Long and shallow reef most of it colonized by soft corals, it requires good conditions to dive it. 5 to 15 mtrs.

IMG_1864 (3)


Small reef rising from deep waters until the 18 mtrs of depth, great corals and unexpected marine life encounters. Not for beginners. 18 to +30 mtrs.


Fish Book

Endless coral garden colonized with all kinds of different corals with a predominance of table corals. You dive with huge schools of Bannerfish, Anthias, Fusiliers and many more. 6 to 30 mtrs.

Plan B

Small pinnacle starting at 12 mtrs. It is a good choice for days with bad ocean conditions. All divers.


There is a fee of 300 php per diver and day to dive in Danjugan Sanctuary