Beach Dive

You can also enjoy some diving very close to the dive center where you can enjoy amazing muck and night dives.

Beach Dives.jpg

Beach Dive

An amazing muck dive just some meters in front of our dive center, in shallow waters (10 mtrs max.) and very easy conditions, day or night, you will enjoy searching in the muddy-sandy sea grass bottom unusual and exotic creatures such as sea horses, squids, octopus, nudibranch, scorpion fish,  sting rays, ghost and pipe fish, frog fish…and many more critters beneath the surface.



Explore Bulisan Reef, the closest (5 min. boat ride) coral reef to Sugar Beach during the night, a colorful soft coral comunity on the top of the reef  that raisies from a muddy bottom mouth of a mangrove river, habitat for incredible critters and many juvenile organisms and that make their homes in the sediment that compose this coral-muck dive.