Punta Ballo

Sunken Island is the first dive  site after Sipalay, it is suitable for single dive as well as double since it is not far from Sugar Beach. The other sites, including the Wrecks, are part of a two tank excursion.

South Sites

Sunken Island

It takes 30 minutes to reach it by boat from Sugar Beach. Spectacular reef from 8 to 30 mtrs. Lots of schools of fish, snappers, butterflies, fusiliers, and scorpion fish on top of the reef hidden in the fire corals. Easy.

Manta Drop

Right in front of White Beach. Turtles, emperors and occasionally tunas, often currents to enjoy a drift dive. 5 to 30 mtrs. Easy.

Spiral Drops

Dive site on the corner to Campomanes Bay. Reef slope with two impressive  walls that go straight down from 5 mtrs. to 28 mtrs. The walls are nicely decorated with gorgonias and scorpionfish are often hiding in the small holes. Easy.

Eva´s Point

The coral reef makes a steep slope from 5 to 25 mtrs. A huge coral hill, at 26 mtrs. facing the depth of Campomanes Bay. Schools of fishes, spanish dancer and lobsters. Easy.

SS Panay, wreck

In March 1942 in Campomanes Bay, the SS Panay, a civilian vessel that carried supplies for the war, sunk after a torpedo shot from a Japanese airplane. Sipalay was an important center of provisions for the United States army in the fight against the Japanese occupation. The wreck lies as a silent witness at 40 mtrs. More than 70 years under the water and  you still can see the gas masks. 27 to 40 mtrs. Advanced divers only.

MS Jojo, wreck

An 80 mtrs long cargo vessel that sunk in the 80´s, lying on its left side. Depth from 26 to 33 mtrs., between the two mastils, the ship’s hold, a huge area with an easy entry, inside and around the wreck you can see a lot of lionfish, batfish, soldierfish and cardinalfish. Due to the depth advanced divers only.