Turtle Island

At a distance of 20-30 minutes boat ride. Seven dive sites, perfect for a double tank trip, and suitable for a single dive as well.

Turtle Island

Sunny Sunday

Shallow reef very near to Turtle Island where we go for the first dives of the PADI Open Water Course. Very easy.

Juliens Wreck

A cargo ship that sunk in the 80’s on the shallow reefs around Turtle Island. Smashed in pieces that became already part of the reef, it attracts dozens of sergeants, fusiliers, butterfly fish, big squids and lots of nudibranchs. Marine reserve, fishing not allowed. 5 to 20 mtrs. Easy.


El Punto

Facing the west side of the reef there is a step slope falling down from 8 to 40 mtrs. It is often possible to drift all along the reef. Turtles, large groups of tropical fish, octopus and stone fish. For all divers. Easy.


Coral slopes between sandy and rocky valleys,  where a lot of different nudibranchs can be found. Napoleon fish, eagle ray, groups of trevallies, fusiliers and moray eels. 8 to 25 metres. Easy

Diente de Lobo

Facing the open ocean, deepest point in the island, sportive dive with currents. 5 to more than 30 metres. Experienced divers only.

Turtle Head

Colourful and healthy reef, surrounded by damsel fish, anthias and groups of banner fish, an exposed corner at the end of the dive decorated with huge gorgonians, 5 to 30 mtrs. Medium.

Turtle Nose

Very similar to Turtle Head as it is on the same reef

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