For those who want to try scuba diving for the first time but they don’t want to do a full course, SCUBA PLANET PHILIPPINES offers different options:

Introductory dive

After a short theory session and a few exercises in shallow water which let you develop some basic skills, you will be ready to dive and discover the pristine coral reefs as a real diver (max. 12 mtrs.) from our traditional Philippine boat (bangka), just a short journey away. All dives are in the ocean and no previous experience is required. From 10 years old on. If after your Introductory dive or Discover Scuba Diving you are interested in completing an Open water Diver course we will deduct the price from your course.



For those who have decided already to join into a full course, SCUBA PLANET PHILIPPINES offers all range of PADI courses. PADI is the biggest diving organization in the world. PADI courses allow you to dive everywhere you go; they are valid for a life time and recognized all around the world, no renewals are required. All courses offered by SCUBA PLANET PHILIPPINES are conducted by certified PADI instructors.



Open Water Diver

This course allows you to dive to a depth of 18 meters. You will complete the theory with the assistance of an instructor using a video and a book, and you will have to pass an easy final test. There are 5 sessions of fun exercises in shallow water to get used to your scuba diving equipment, and 4 open water dives. This course can be complete between 3 and 5 days. Minimum age required is 10 years old.


Advanced Open Water Diver

This course allows you to dive to a depth of 30 meters. It consists of 2 compulsory dives, Deep and Navigation, and 3 more dives to choose, for example, Night, Drift, Wreck, Search & Recovery, Peak Performance Buoyance, Digital Underwater Photography, or Fish ID, depending on the local conditions. It is a very fun course focusing on diving in different conditions. It can be completed in 2 days. Minimum aged required 12 is years old and you need to be already certified as Open Water Diver.

Emergency first Response (EFR)

Equivalent to a regular first aid course, the EFR is a very useful course, not just for diving but for everyday life. The course can be completed in half a day. The EFR course is a prerequisite for the PADI Rescue Course.

Rescue Diver

In this course you will learn how to help others as well as yourself, to prevent problems and deal with emergency situations in the water. It will definitely increase your confidence as a diver. The course can be completed in 4 to 5 days. Minimum age required is 12 years old, and you need to be already certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver.



This course is the first step to become a Dive Professional. With the Divemaster certification you will be allowed to guide divers in dive centers and resorts all around the world and assist instructors during different diving courses. The course is focusing in developing your diving abilities and your personal leadership skills. You will take part in the normal working day of the dive center, assisting instructors in courses with real students facing real problems. Minimum age required is 18 years old, and you need to be certified as a Rescue diver. If you are interested in doing the Divemaster course, please contact us in advance.


Specialty courses

Night Diver, Wreck Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Fish ID, Digital Underwater Photography, Deep Diver, UW Navigator, Search & Recovery, Naturalist. Please, contact us if you are interested in doing a Specialty Course.